Career Guidance Unit

Career Guidance

The SLIIT/SLIIT City Uni Career Guidance and Counseling Unit is established to provide SLIIT/SLIIT City Uni undergraduates with an enhanced understanding of career options and industry-required technical and non-technical skills along with available employment opportunities. We seek to empower our students with the knowledge and know-how needed to balance their academic and extracurricular activities, achieve their career aspirations, through a range of course-specific events, workshops and services.

Career Guidance Unit

The CGU links with leading corporate and institutions to facilitate the best opportunities for SLIIT/SLIIT City Uni students, via annual highlight events such as the SLIIT Careers Day and the HR Forum. These serve as a platform for SLIIT/SLIIT City Uni students to meet and contact prospective employers from the Information Technology, Engineering and Business sectors. The CGU also handles vacancy postings, spot-interview sessions, and industry visits which are invaluable to SLIIT/SLIIT City Uni students.

Our career guidance unit conducts a wide range of workshops and events in order to groom soft skills of the undergraduates of all the faculties with the aim of preparing them for their career path.

Internship opportunities for final year students of all the faculties are offered at major corporate companies in the country through the assistance of career guidance unit of the university.

Career Guidance Unit thrives in the vision of preparing undergraduates to the life at work and therefore programs are implemented for personal and professional development of the students.