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As a leading tertiary educational Institute in Sri Lanka, research is an integral part of SLIIT City Uni. We strive for a vibrant research culture and numerous initiatives are in place for programming research among the academic and student communities.


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The Department of Business within SLIIT City Uni continues to rise up to the challenge of nurturing leaders

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Research methodology is a compulsory module for all postgraduate and undergraduate programs atΒ  SLIIT City Uni. This aims to inculcate skills to acquire new knowledge which is of paramount importance in the field of Information Technology where the body of knowledge grows exponentially. All students must complete a comprehensive research project under the guidance of SLIIT City Uni staff members.

Generally undergraduate students work in groups to fulfill this compulsory requirement while masters students take up individual projects. The SLIIT City Uni Research Centre, overseen by a committee of senior academics/researchers, provides facilities to carry out staff and student research. It brings together researchers of various outside.

The annual SLIIT City Uni Research Symposium is the showcase of research activities, not only confined to SLIIT City Uni but open to other researchers of the region as well. The best research projects from both undergraduate and postgraduate categories are presented at this symposium. The annual SLIIT City Uni Research Symposium is open to any institution activity involved in research in IT and allied disciplines. As for research by academics the latest initiative is providing a substantial research grant scheme. All academics are clustered into a research team headed by a senior researcher.

The senior researchers as the principle investigators are eligible for the SLIIT City Uni annual research grants. These grants can be freely utilized for research related purposes such as accessing useful research resources (e.g. online journals) and participation in conferences.